That Was It!

There’s a question I get asked all the time that I never really could put my finger on…why did I get started in photography? Most of the time my reply was that I didn’t really know, that I guessed it was because I had kids and I wanted a better option than department store studios. While there is some truth to that it never really seemed like the right answer. Today out of the blue an image flashed in my head and I said out loud to myself, “that was it!”

Photography wasn’t really a hobby for me. As a child my pictures were always out of focus and sideways, and I wasn’t involved in the yearbook committee in high school like a couple of my best friends were. Which is why in July of 2007 when my husband decided he wanted to buy a DSLR camera I thought he had gone nuts. His reasoning was we had 3 kids and he wanted to be able to take good pictures of them, but to me it was just a new toy. I rolled my eyes every time he took it outside to take pictures of the kids playing…Every. Single. Day.

The kids were outside playing while the baby napped and I was bored…time to check out this camera. As my husband and I pushed the kids on the swings I was snapping pictures of Haley, our then 2 year old, all the sudden I shouted out, “I got it!” I had taken several dozen pictures already, but when the shutter clicked that time I knew I had something special. I was mesmerized by the picture and couldn’t stop looking at it. What I captured wasn’t just a picture of her; it was her youth and innocence frozen in time. On August 2nd, 2007 I fell in love with photography.

Five months later the kids were at a playground. I thought it would be neat to compare pictures of the kids so I took a similar picture of Haley on a swing. When I compared the picture with the one I took in August I was taken aback by how much she had changed. The girl I just photographed could have easily been the other girl’s big sister. Her chubby baby cheeks were gone, her face matured and her whole demeanor had changed. She went from ‘baby’ to ‘kid’ sometime during those five months and I didn’t even notice.  How could I miss that?

My passion and drive to capture every stage and milestone grew. I wanted photographs that told stories, that when I looked at them I could see that moment playing in my head and feel the way I did at that exact time in our life. This is why I became a photographer. To create these moments for parents so they will forever remember every detail of this monumental stage in life, even if it doesn’t seem monumental at the time.

The picture here is the one I took on August 2nd, 2007…the day my world shifted just a little revealing a path in life I never knew was paved for me.

ruizNovember 15, 2012 - 12:34 pm

aw perfection. Lovely baby and eyes.

Candy HowardNovember 15, 2012 - 4:12 pm

She’s beautiful! Lovely story!

Sarah ENovember 16, 2012 - 10:49 am


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