30 Faces of Autism – Day 26 | Dunkirk Children Photography | Autism Awareness

Autism is not always the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge is how people react to autism. In order to change lives, the perspective of people all around need to change. When you see a child having a meltdown in the grocery please don’t stare or give a dirty look. Instead offer a reassuring smile and maybe even ask if she needs help with anything. Try to keep in mind that the child is not giving his parent a hard time…he is having a hard time.

Kellen is 9 years old and is in the 3rd grade. He doesn’t have any siblings but has a cat named Oscar. He was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old.

Kellen likes to play lacrosse and basketball. He loves to swim and when he grows up he wants to be a surfer.

He loves to skateboard and swing, but doesn’t like going to the doctor or birthday parties. His favorite place to go is the beach.

Kellen has great balance and is very physical. He is non-verbal and also struggles with fine motor activities. He’s not so good at standing in line, or eating anything green. His favorite food is pizza.

Kellen is the sweetest kid with the biggest heart. People that do make the effort to get to know him think the world of him.

Please help spread autism awareness and share this post. Check back tomorrow to see pictures and read all about another child.

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