30 Faces of Autism – Day 25 | Annapolis Family Photography | Autism Awareness

Children with higher functioning autism look very ‘normal’. Sometimes they may even act very ‘normal’. At times, this makes strangers, and even other parents, family members or teachers think that the issue is just a disobedient child or a bad parent. They may even see his or her progress and say that they are outgrowing their autism. If he is overcoming a certain delay or difficulty, it isn’t because he is outgrowing it, rather he is working through hard work, interventions and support.

Sam is 4 years old and in Pre-School. He has a 2 year old sister named Maggie and a dog named Scout. He was diagnosed with autism very recently when he was 4 years old.

Sam is very smart and a real charmer as you can see from his pictures. He has a great memory and can remember anything. He has some sensory problems, and is always jumping and rocking.

In school, circle time is his favorite thing to do, but he doesn’t like writing or coloring. He enjoys wrestling, golf, soccer, swimming, going to restaurants, eating ice cream, and working on the computer.

Sam loves Chick-fil-a, and is afraid of monsters. He is really good at helping people with stuff and his favorite memory has been going to Disney World. When he grows up he wants to help his daddy coach at the Naval Academy.

His biggest struggles are understanding social cues, impulsiveness, and body awareness. He does great when he’s on a schedule, but gets frustrated quickly in spontaneous situations.

Sam is very very very verbal. He has difficulty knowing what to say in social situations and at times his responses are very odd and irrelevant. For example, he may respond with “How are you?” by saying “peanut butter”.

Please help spread autism awareness and share this post. Check back tomorrow to see pictures and read all about another child.

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